Melissa + Jason Engagement Session

I had a great time with this engagement session. For this session we chose a location that I had never been to or even heard of before finding it online. This place is located in Hyde Park. Although we had some trouble finding it at first it looked as beautiful as it did in the pictures I had seen of it.

At first Melissa & Jason seemed nervous. They were posing for the photos instead of acting natural. That can happen with many couples that are not used to being photographed. One thing that I always tell the couples that I am photographing is to act natural. Although it might be hard to ignore the photographer, I tell them to act as though I'm not there taking pictures of them. I also try to be funnier than usual (again you see the word try! haha). This has helped especially  for this engagement shoot. You can see how they are just comfortable and very loving with each other. 

I can honestly say this was one of my favorite couples to work with. Our session was cut extremely short because of rain but I was very happy with all the shots we managed to get and they were extremely happy with the end result.

The important thing is as the photographer you have to be as creative as possible in case it rains! but also just make sure that your clients are comfortable and happy!


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